In any case /questions, delay, etc./ contact : 0917 303 658

All course attendants are automatically members of Happy Kids o.z.

All Happy Kids o.z. members are required to be logged on the course via our registration system

In case of course cancellation by Happy Kids, all parents will be informed in advance.


By signing up to course and by acceptation of conditions for sign up to Happy Kids courses, the parent declares that he / she does not know any reasons (especially of a medical nature) for which his / her child could not attend the course.

In the event of absence (illness) at skiing courses AUSTRIA, the fee for coach expenses is not refunded.


Registration as well as sign up into a sports course is done in electronic form.

After signing up a message will be sent to your email address. It will contain informations about successful sign up for a sports course at a given time and place.


Once you have received a confirmation about successful sign-up for a course, you will need to pay the membership fee according to instructions in the confirmation mail.


Each course participant has the option of replacing one training in the case of a pre-announced absence (for any reason), not later than the end of the last training of course (8 trainings).

The replacement is on a different day than the course you are visiting. Replacement term must be pre-announced min. 24 hours before starting of the course via email at:

The child's absence must be reported at least 4 hours before the beginning of the following course by email at:

If the absence of a child on a sports course is not reported in due time, a possible replacement date is forfeited. Not participating in training for any reason (except for long-term injury / illness) is not eligible for financial compensation, the contribution is not reimbursed.

If the training is canceled by Happy Kids, the term only moves, you do not have to report it.


We ask parents not to stay in the pool area and the close proximity of sports venues where the courses are realized!!!

We ask you to take the child to the coach and then leave the pool or sports ground. We thank you for your understanding.


We advise to consult your doctor about the health problems that might arise during sports training.

Parent agrees with the free use of children's photos and videos, for the Happy Kids marketing purposes without reward.

Pursuant to Act. n.122 / 2013 Z.z. on the protection of personal data as amended, the parent agrees with the management, processing and preservation of his / her personal data provided for the purpose of registering and signing ip the child for the course.

If the parent has comments on the work of the trainer himself, please contact us: 0917 303 658 or