Swimming pool Petržalka - Budatínska

Swimming pool Petržalka - Budatínska

Group training form

The swimming course is suitable throughout the year. Thanks to different water and air temperatures, the body is hardening. Swimming is one of the best forms of rehabilitation for the spine problems and it also brings relaxing effects for kids, improves their coordination and increases the feeling of satisfaction and happiness.

Our swimming methodology is prepared to prevent stressful situations from fear of water. Our trainers approach individually to every single child. Your kids will learn different styles of swimming and our effort is to improving their performance. That is why we provide both collective and individual swimming courses.

Who is the course suitable for? 
For kids from 3 to 15 years.
In this pool we train children of different ages, of course, they’re separated to different groups. Based on the age and level of swimming ability, kids are separated do suitable groups. As soon as we find out that your kids are progressing, we are moving them to more skilled groups. This directs kids to be motivated to discover more of their abilities and skills.


Lesson structure 
- warm up
- swimming exercises 

Swimming pool informations
Pool length: 25m
Water temperature: 30 degrees Celsius
Address: Budatínska 61


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Right now you can sign up your kids on favorite sport classes! More info on main page! Kruzky kopia 2.

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Gymnastics also in Petržalka

Gymnastics also in Petržalka! Dom kultúry Ovsište has become another place for our gymnastics courses. Group trainings for kids from 4 to 8 years. Every Wednesday from 17:30 to 18:30.

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Prihlasovanie na tábory spustené!

Milí priatelia, všetky naše letné tábory sú už k dispozícií na objednanie na našom webe! Vyberte si z ponuky denných či pobytových táborov na hornej lište a zažite super leto.

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Hľadáme animátorov!

Hľadáme nových animátorov do tímu! Máš nad 18 rokov, pozitívny vzťah k deťom a zodpovedný prístup? Pridaj sa k nám. Vyplň tento formulár pravdivo, šancu má naozaj každý! https://forms. gle/g7Tg5B5sedA9T6Fw8.

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