Swimming camp Petržalka 7-17y.

Swimming camp Petržalka 7-17y.

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Specialized swimming camp for schoolers from 7 - 17 years! Camp will be situated in ZŠ Dudova 2 in Petržalka, where it waits for children daily from 08.00 to 16.30 rich sports program. Every day children will have swimming trainings in the water and another trainings for better condittion, endurance and overall sports prowess!

This day camp starts everyday with taking children by advenced animators/instructors. After light breakfast they are going to move to the swimming pool and have a swimming training. In the afternoon children will have additional activities for swimming - athletic, gymnastic and moving trainings. They won´t be missing ball and outdoor games.

There is always break between the activities. During sports, we make sure that children follow the drinking regime.

The camp will be ended by big BBQ!


Where: ZŠ Dudova, Petržalka

Age:   7-17 years.

TERMS of camps:

05.07. - 09.07.2021

09.08. - 13.08.2021

16.08. - 20.08.2021


Things you need for camp:


  •  copy of insurance card
  •  cap
  •  sport clothes: t-shirt, shorts, joggers, hoodie, trainers 
  •  swimsuit, towel, swim cap, swim glasses, flip flops

Important informations:




  • please spread kids with UV filter cream in the morning
  •  don’t forget cap 
  •  bring copy of insurance card
  •  arrive at least at 8:45am
  •  food is secured directly at sport areal
  • drinking regime is secured throughout the whole day


  • 5 days summer camp  150€   140€/child

Discount till 30.03.2021 (activation by coupon)

  • 1 installment   -  10€         (HAPPY10)
  • 2 installments -    5€         (HAPPY5)
  •  without deposits 0€ 
  • after using the discout, please make a payment till the end of april
  • payment is made to the account according to the instructions you will receive by email
  • price includes: qualified coaches, food and drinking regime for entire day, training tools, trip, medals…
  • in case of non-participation due to illness, travel, etc. we do not return the membership fee for the camp. Reimbursement is possible in exchange for another camp at another time, of course, if camp will have free places and capacity won´t be exceed.
  • GUARANTEE of refunds in case of worsening of the pandemic situation or cancellation of the camp by OZ
  • GUARANTEE OF SECURE camps. We adhere to strict hygienic standards during implementation.

Camps have a weekly character (from Monday to Friday). Payment is fix, you can’t choose days separately.

Contact: 0917 303 658, info@happykids.sk



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Right now you can sign up your kids on favorite sport classes! More info on main page! Kruzky kopia 2.

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